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My name is Brian Goff

I am the owner of TexanBrian LLC. Originally from New York State, my wife and I adopted three special needs children as newborns. My two daughters were born with Spina Bifida and my son with Down Syndrome. In 2003, my family moved from upstate NY to Houston, TX for the Texas Children’s Hospital.

We didn’t have confidence in the hospitals of Upstate NY due to the major complications our oldest daughter was presenting, so we chose to move here for the best children’s hospital in the county. We have never regretted this life changing decision.

Now that we are here in Texas, we love Texas! That is why I named my company TexanBrian. I worked many years in the machine tools and oil/gas industries as a mechanic, electrician, and engineer. Actually, I have a dual degree in Electrical and Mechanical engineering as well as an MBA in Technology Management.

After a downturn in oil/gas, I decided to start my own company doing handyman services. This gives me the flexibility to balance my workload with the special needs of my family. For more than 25 years I have been doing home repair and remodeling projects as a hobby. TexanBrian allows me to effectively utilize my talents and provide for the special needs of my family both physically and emotionally in a way I have not had opportunity to before.

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TexanBrian, LLC is your one stop shop for all your maintenance, repair and Sugar Land handyman needs. Whether you want to hand off the routine inspections of your home to a professional, or have a job you simply don’t have time to do for yourself, call the company that is invested in you and your home. Allow us to turn your Sugar Land home or business into the building of your dreams.